Health & Lifestyle Screening


Health screening is an effective way of detecting early signs of future health problems.

It affords an opportunity of identifying potential risk factors for future health problems and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone can attend a standard health screen. Further tests may be advised according to gender, age, family history and life factors. We provide individual health screening packages tailored to suit you.


Unless otherwise stated, the screening will be conducted by a trained nurse.


Standard Screening will consist of:

  • Completing a short questionnaire prior to screening.
  • Height and weight measurement.
  • Calculation of Body Mass Index ( BMI).
  • Blood pressure reading.
  • Heart rate.
  • Urine analysis.
  • Total cholesterol check.
  • Diabetes check.
  • Report and Risk analysis.

Optional Extras ( prices on application)

  • Breath test for Carbon Monoxide in smokers.
  • Complete blood count , including haemoglobin,white cells, liver function, kidney function, Iron level.
  • Complete blood fat analysis - cholesterol,HDL,LDL,Triglycerides.
  • ECG, if indicated.
  • PSA test for prostate disease in men.
  • Lung function test ( Spirometry).
  • STI testing - Chlamydia, Gonorrhoes, HIV etc.
  • Drug tests.
  • Travel health and immunisation advice.

Other tests as indicated.

Note: Under Irish Law, X rays cannot be done for screening purposes.

Note 1. : Cost of consultation with GP not included in price of basic screen.


Our office in Santry, Dublin 9.


Prices on application

N.B. Screening achieves nothing if results are not followed up.

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